ICOR is a collaborative effort that brings together leaders in implant device regulatory research from around the world. Below you will find articles, presentations and op-ed pieces published as a result of this collaboration.

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full text » Elizabeth Paxton, MA; Guy Cafri, PhD, MStat; Leif Havelin, MD, PhD; Susanna Stea, BSc; Francesc Pallisó, MD; Stephen Graves, MBBS, DPhil, FRACS, FAOrthA; Daniel Hoeffel, MD; Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD Risk of Revision Following Total Hip Arthroplasty: Metal-on-Conventional Polyethylene Compared with Metal-on-Highly Cross-Linked Polyethylene Bearing SurfacesInternational Results from Six Registries 12/17/2014
full text » Alex Allepuz, MD, MPH; Leif Havelin, MD, MPH; Thomas Barber, MD; Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD; Stephen Graves, MBBS, DPhil, FRACS, FAOrthA; Barbara Bordini, BSc; Daniel Hoeffel, MD; Guy Cafri, PhD, MStat; Elizabeth Paxton, MA Effect of Femoral Head Size on Metal-on-HXLPE Hip Arthroplasty Outcome in a Combined Analysis of Six National and Regional Registries 12/17/2014
full text » Samprit Banerjee, PhD; Guy Cafri, PhD, MStat; Abby J. Isaacs, MS; Stephen Graves, MBBS, DPhil, FRACS, FAOrthA; Elizabeth Paxton, MA; Danica Marinac-Dabic, MD, PhD; Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD A Distributed Health Data Network Analysis of Survival Outcomes: The International Consortium of Orthopaedic Registries Perspective 12/17/2014
full text » Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD; Elizabeth Paxton, MA; Stephen Graves, MBBS, DPhil, FRACS, FAOrthA; Rebecca Love, MPH, RN; Danica Marinac-Dabic, MD, PhD National and International Postmarket Research and Surveillance Implementation: Achievements of the International Consortium of Orthopaedic Registries Initiative 12/17/2014
full text » Elizabeth W. Paxton, MA, Ove Furnes, MD, PhD, Robert S. Namba, MD, Maria C.S. Inacio, MS, Anne M. Fenstad, MSc, and Leif I. Havelin, MD, PhD Comparison of the Norwegian Knee Arthroplasty Register and a United States Arthroplasty Registry 12/21/2012
full text » Stephen Graves, Alastair Rothwell, Keith Tucker, Joshua Jacobs, Art Sedrakyan A Multinational Assessment of Metal-on-Metal Bearings in Hip Replacement 12/21/2011
full text » Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD, Elizabeth W. Paxton, PhD, Charlotte Phillips, PhD, Robert Namba, MD, Tadashi Funahashi, MD, Thomas Barber, MD, Thomas Sculco, MD, Douglas Padgett, MD, Timothy Wright, PhD, and Danica Marinac-Dabic, MD, PhD The International Consortium of Orthopaedic Registries 12/21/2011
full text » Rajan Anand, MBBS, Stephen E. Graves, MBBS, DPhil, FAOrthA, Richard N. de Steiger, MBBS, Dip Biomech, FRACS(Orth), David C. Davidson, MBBS, FRCSEd, FAOrthA, Philip Ryan, MBBS, BSc, FAFPHM, Lisa N. Miller, BSc Hons (Math), and Kara Cashman, BSC Hons (O&G), Grad Dip Math Sc What Is the Benefit of Introducing New Hip and Knee Prostheses? 12/21/2011
full text » Leif I. Havelin, MD, PhD, Otto Robertsson, MD, PhD, Anne M. Fenstad, MSc, Søren Overgaard, MD, PhD, G¨oran Garellick, MD, PhD, and Ove Furnes, MD, PhD A Scandinavian Experience of Register Collaboration: The Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association (NARA) 12/21/2011
full text » Gerold Labek, MD, Daniel Neumann, MD, Mark Agreiter, MD, Reinhard Schuh, MD, and Nikolaus B¨ohler, MD Impact of Implant Developers on Published Outcome and Reproducibility of Cohort-Based Clinical Studies in Arthroplasty 12/21/2011